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Posted by Cindy Kerber-Spellman on December 1, 2016 at 9:00 AM

As it turns out, local fares well in the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Branded traffic is connected to location targeting, which is asssociated with social ads, which in turn are tied to marketing trends, which is connected to website traffic, which is tied to local digital marketing -- and ultimately brings us back to Kevin Bacon! (Who, at this time two years ago, “promoted” local businesses and goods just in time for the holidays in the Shop for Good Kevin Bacon Ad Generator Campaign.)

Each of these topics is in the news we're reading lately at LBN. Check ‘em out!


Why Local Search Is Even More Important in the Age of Ad Blocking

(StreetFight; 11/1/16)

At the beginning of 2016, just over 200 million people globally were using ad blocking software. That figure has been on the rise year-over-year, and we can expect the that as we head into 2017 it will be significantly larger.


4 Big Local Marketing Trends – Plus 8 Ways To Adapt

(WordStream; 12/1/16)

What is a post-digital world? No, it is not a world in which the machines have revolted and we have been sent back to the Stone Age. The post digital world is our world now, one in which digital marketing is subsumed by marketing as a whole.


The Benefits of Buying Branded Traffic

(LBN Local Insights; 11/21/2016)

Every advertiser wants to maximize ad budgets to bring more customers into their store or increase requests for their services. A great way to do so is to make sure you are bidding on your own brand’s terms.


How Social Ads Location Targeting Can Side-Step Electioneering Laws

(MarketingLand; 11/8/16)

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and especially Snapchat can be pinpointed to people within polling places' no-signs zones.


What Happens When You Cancel Yext

(Whitespark; 11/21/16)

Citations continue to be the bane of the existence of digital marketing agencies and businesses alike. The heavily manual and time-consuming characters of the work have been the main problems people encounter when trying to resolve local citation related issues.


The Secret Your Website Traffic Might Be Trying to Tell You

(Content Marketing Institute, 11/18/16)

As a particularly feisty gust of wind tried to rob me of my new favorite scarf last week, I was reminded that just because I can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t important.


Why Local Matters, Even for National Advertisers

(SearchEngineLand; 11/11/16)

There’s been a lot of talk recently about personalization as Google, Facebook, and others continue to roll out new targeting features. These features like Customer Match and Custom Audiences allow advertisers to target consumers based on previous data captured.


Airbnb Just Expanded Its App Significantly, Adding Local Experiences and Restaurant Reservations

(Adweek; 11/17/16)

Airbnb rolled out a new feature called Trips as part of an app update designed to provide travelers with a one-stop shop. The feature focuses on three areas—experiences, places and homes—and the company plans to add flights and services in the future.


In-Store Shoppers Disengage From Social Apps

(StreetFight; 11/2/16)

Retailers and brands are pouring billions of dollars into social strategies designed to influence the way shoppers interact with merchandise inside physical stores, but a new study by the in-store beacon platform inMarket shows that marketers focused too sharply on social media apps may be missing the mark.


67 Insights from the World’s Top Digital Marketing Experts


In one blog post I am going to try and sum up and distill the conversations, the insights and the takeaways from some of the world’s top digital marketing experts at the Teradata Marketing Festival.


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