What We're Reading at LBN (January 2017)

Posted by Cindy Kerber-Spellman on January 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM

With performance targets for the new year in place across marketing departments everywhere, a good place to start in order to reach those goals is improving local digital performance. Advertising success doesn't require stunts like what’s rumored to be in store for Super Bowl weekend, but like the smart moves of players and coaches, brands can score early in 2017 by honing in on their local marketing game plan.

Here are some highlights of what we’re reading at LBN, taking a look at recent data, trends, strategies and news that could make a difference for multi-location companies with eyes on the end zone.


Location-Targeted Mobile Ad Spend To Exceed $32 Billion by 2021

(BizReport; 1/27/2017)

U.S. mobile ad spending in 2016 was, according to BIA/Kelsey, $33 billion. By 2021, the research firm predicts it will increase 118% to $72 billion.


Fox’s Super Bowl LI Free Live Stream Online Will Include Local Ads

(Variety; 1/17/2017)

This year’s Super Bowl will again stream live online for free, and for 2017 Fox Sports will include local ads dynamically inserted based on where a viewer is watching the NFL’s championship contest.


Will Digital Marketing Fumble or Score a Touchdown at Super Bowl LI?

(MarketingDIVE; 1/26/2017)

In addition to the inspiring athleticism that will be on display during this year's Super Bowl game, a number of cutting-edge marketing tactics will also be in evidence, including a live ad from Snickers, a bigger role for online-only ad buys, unique 360-degree videos and more.


Survey: 60 Percent of Voice Users Want More Answers and Fewer Search Results

(Search Engine Land; 1/17/2017)

Making calls, searching, texting and map lookups are the most common use cases for voice. Voice search and use of voice commands on mobile devices is on the rise. However, there’s still some embarrassment or reluctance to use it, according to a new survey.


Making Sense of Amazon’s Push Deeper into Local

(StreetFight; 1/17/2017)

A local marketing discussion about the broader topic of Amazon. Not exactly a company many SEOs or digital marketing agencies have ever paid that much attention to, but needs to change in a hurry.


Why Hyperlocal Advertising Works So Well for Local Businesses

(Small Business Trends; 1/16/2017)

If we listen to conventional wisdom, businesses should be using TV, radio and online banner ads to attract new customers. But when it comes to local businesses, these channels simply aren’t as effective as turning to local marketing.


If You Tweet An Emoji At Google’s Account, It Will Link To Local Search Results

(Adwweek; 12/6/2016)

Google wants to understand the language of emoji. The tech giant launched a fun feature that lets people tweet emojis at the brand's Twitter account. For each tweet people send, Google automatically sends back a tweet with a GIF and a link to local search results about the emoji.


What Retailers Need To Know About 3D Shopping

(BizReport; 1/26/2017)

Some experts believe we will see a shift from 2D online shopping to 3D. Just what will the shift entail and how can retailers prepare?


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